327 valentine's day droids

224's name can be seen on the sign behind the Battle Droids in the Valentine's day video


224, as seen on Star Wars: The Clone Wars

224 was an B1 Battle Droid Commander seen in the first Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode, Ambush. During this Clone Wars episode, 224 was tasked with leading a battalion of battle droids into battle against Grand Jedi Master Yoda. However, 224 fails and his sliced to bits by the old jedi master. His name is seen as an easter egg in the Happy Valentine's Day video, when the Droid of Base 327 make a short clip to say Happy Valentine's day, 224's name can be seen on the sign behind the droids, in a pink word bubble that reads, "224 wuz here." This means that the droid commander could have visited Base 327 before his destruction at the hand of Yoda.

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