"Another gun! Anyone who calls me Arfy, prepare to die!"


ARF is a psychopathic ARF Trooper who arrived at Base 327, along with O'Brien, Bomby and Bomber in a package on Christmas.  He hates the nickname "Arfy", threatening to shoot anyone who calls him by that name.  He was once sent to Obedience School AKA jail where Bomby and Bomber already are, as seen in Arf Trooper for this. He was send to Obedience school 2.0 when he stole the commander's lightsaber ,as seen in mystery at base 327 part 2 As mentioned in "Happy Thanksgiving!", he is "thankful for the coming day when all you idiots (the other clones) will suffer and die in a hole". For Christmas in 20 BBY, he received another blaster pistol as his only present. In the movie Captain Norris he is called Arfy by Captain Norris, but he is too frightened by Captain Norris to shoot him. He is very dark (like batman).


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