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Base 327 was the name of a planned prequel film for the Base 327 series. It was planned to be over half an hour long, but unfortunately was cancelled in 2012. It was to show the origin of the Base as well as all of the characters and how they came to live at the base.


The idea for the prequel/origin film was conceived in late 2010. It was decided to make one long film instead of series of origin shorts for each character, which was the original plan. The script for the film was started the February 2011, and in August 2011, filming started. Taylor and Josh announced that they would be rewriting most of the script, while trying to keep in the scenes already filmed. However, it was finally cancelled in August 2012, with less than half of it filmed.

After it was cancelled, Taylor and Josh decided to resurrect an old idea for an episode which they had wanted to make before but couldn't because of work on the 30-minute film. This idea became Imperial Base 327.