Bomby and Bomber

Bomby (right) and Bomber (left) introduce themselves after emerging from a Christmas present.

Bomby and Bomber are 2 clones who arrived at Base 327 with Arf and O'Brien. They like to play pranks on people, make fun of the janitor, (like everyone else in the base.) and Bomby likes "chicken- or turkey- or what ever this is" quoted by Bomby himself. (from "Happy Thanksgiving!"). In Red Squadron Saves Easter, they pull a prank by replacing the candy with thermal detonators. However, they accidently gave the janitor (who was supposed to be the victim of the prank) the candy and everyone else the bombs. A prank gone horribly wrong.  


They get sent to Obedience School for their crimes in "Red Squadron saves Easter", but are only seen there during ARF trooper: A base 327 short.