Gilly screenshot

Commander Gilly in Imperial Base 327.

Commander Gilly was the commander of Base 327 in 2 BBY. He is a British stormtrooper with purple arms and a black kama and pauldron. He has a terrible time remembering names (especially Roy's).

He is also shown in Base 327 and the Dark Halloween right before the lights go out. He is visible towards the back middle right. This means he is from this episode originally.

It is currently unknown what happened to the Commander.


  • The character is very loosely based on Gilderoy Lockhart from the Harry Potter series (the names Gilly and Roy are both based on Gilderoy).
  • Hard of hearing, often calling people by the wrong name

Gilly's Easter Egg Edit

Commander Gilly, as mentioned above, is in two episodes: Imperial Base 327 and Base 327 and the Dark Halloween. He was merely an easter egg in that episode however. There is a video out there by Matthew Henderson (YouTube) that reveals this easter egg for the first time.

The Video (Sorry, I couldn't add the video to the Wiki itself)