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Imperial Base 327 is the thirty-first episode of the Base 327 series. It takes place 15 years after the regular series, during the Imperial era. It will not replace the current series, but is a stand-alone film.

The film is currently the longest Base 327 episode to date, at over fourteen minutes. It was released to YouTube on April 17, 2013.

In it, a stormtrooper named Roy is sent to Base 327 for a week.


Imperial Base 327

The Imperial Base 327

The idea was first conceived as early as April or May of 2010, while Base 327: The New Guy was being made. The concept was explored further in April 2012, and when the Base 327 prequel was cancelled in August of that year, it was finally written and filmed. Filming lasted from September 2012 to March 2013, with short breaks in between to make shorter films like Base 327 and the Dark Halloween and Christmas at Base 327 4. As stated above, it was released on April 17, 2013.


During the republic era the Excited Clone is excited about New Guy coming back from a business trip and he says the war has been over for two years and says for a while they are going to stay there, and 15 years later the become imperalized.

On Coruscant a clone named Roy has been assigned to Base 327 for a week and if he dosen't like it they will change his assignment. when he gets there he is greeted by Commander Gilly and he goes to look around and enters Red Squadron's Room and is kicked out. At The Shooting Gallery he runs into Commander Gilly and tries to leave but his ship (Julian) refused.

One week later he leaves but his ship explodes due to Bomby and Bomber as one last prank making him stay at the Base forever.


Directed - Taylor Davis

Story - Taylor Davis, Josh Moon

Written - Taylor Davis

Animated - Taylor Davis, Josh Moon

Edited - Taylor Davis


Excited Clone - Chandler Whittaker

Fox - Josh Moon

Arf - Taylor Davis

New Guy - Josh Moon

Rico - Taylor Davis

O'Brien - Josh Moon

Bomby - Kyle Thompson

Snowtrooper - Josh Moon

Stylish Stormie - Josh Moon

Bored Officer - Tristan Davis

Roy - Steven Palica

Roy's Friend - LegoSantMoss

Julian - Taylor Davis

Scout Trooper - 621MONO

Commander Gilly - Josh Moon

Red - Tristan Davis

Expository Stormie - LEGOBASEBRO

Announcer - Tayor Davis

Red Shirt (from Star Trek) - Tristan Davis

Bomber - Tristan Davis

Note: Watch the video for some of the characters make sense.


Imperial Base 327

Imperial Base 327

Teaser trailer for the SECRET BASE 327 PROJECT!!

Teaser trailer for the SECRET BASE 327 PROJECT!!