This probably is stupid but im gonna do it any way.What i think about base 327:its original,funny,and has my favorite thing:starwars.What i love about it is that its always somthing new,there not the kind of people who are like:okay,im done,i guess maybe 20 videos is enough.Well these people have been very epic with there videos,and i only would have one question:How do they keep making these?Whats the insperation?How do they come up with all these funny videos?Well maybe someday i might know.And theres only one thing I would do if i had 1 wish.Make it so they could keep making videos forever.These are masters in stop motion,and anyone who even doubts that just has to watch 1 second of it and they'll love it as if it was there mother.So please keep videos coming Base 327,i get bullied bye my brother and is a lamo at school,and no one even thinks i'm funny.This is pretty much the only thing that makes me smile,so keep the videos running!Also about the new trailer,does that mean diffrent voices and character traits?or does it mean same kind of lives but just storm troopers?or will they be seperate things?Anyway hope you will answer that