PIC 8174

Rico, Fox, and Red.

Red SquadronEdit

Red Squadron is a group of clones that carry out special tasks in the movies. They all are, obviously, red. Red Squadron in Base 327 are the Clones Fox, Rico, and Red. Red Squadron's video appearances are Red Squadron Goes to the Movies, Red Squadron Saves Easter, Red Squadron Goes Shopping, and Red Squadron's Very Not-Scary Halloween.

The CharactersEdit


Fox is the leader of red squadron and probably one of the most disciplined clones in all of base 327. He'll lead the other two clones, Red and Rico, when they are given a special problem. Fox is based off the actual Commander Fox in the Star Wars official universe. Josh Moon voices Fox.


Red is one of the three troops in Red Squadron. Although he is not as disciplined as Fox, it is obvious that he still has outstanding skill. He often sticks around with Rico and tries to keep him out of trouble. Red is voiced by Tristan Davis.


Rico is the dumbest of the three clones, sometimes dragging Red and Fox into trouble. Rico has a lack of maturity and participates enthusiastically throughout the activities at Base 327. He also has a fear for horror movies. Rico is voiced by Taylor Davis. there awesome

Red Squadron MoviesEdit

Red Squadron's very not-scary Halloween:

Red Squadron goes to the movies:

(it may not be able to watch on mobile devices)

Red Squadron saves Easter:

Red Squadron goes Shopping:

Red Squadron Goes Shopping04:17

Red Squadron Goes Shopping

Red Squadron Saves Easter06:29

Red Squadron Saves Easter

Red Squadron Goes to the Movies07:40

Red Squadron Goes to the Movies

Red Squadron's Very not-Scary Halloween03:20

Red Squadron's Very not-Scary Halloween

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