Snowtrooper is hit in the face when she tries to give Fox flowers.


Snowtrooper without her armor on

Snowtrooper is a girl disguised as a Snowtrooper, as revealed in "Arf's Brother Arfy". She is in love with Fox, although her feelings are not reciprocated. This is evident on several occasions, such as in "Happy Valentine's Day!", when she tried to give Fox flowers in she was hit in the face by Fox's rifle. In "The Base 327 Valentine's Day Extrav-O-Ganza", she again tried to give Fox flowers at the "Base 327 Valentines day Extravoganza!". She was violently beaten. As well, in "Arf's Brother Arfy" she was threatened by Fox twice, once with a rocket launcher and once with a pistol. The second time Fox is ready to shoot her when she decides to take off the helmet because it's uncomfortable. It is currently unknown why she was dressed like a Snowtrooper although it may be that she just wanted to follow Fox. After her dramatic reveal as a girl the whole base freezes and two clones pass out. Snowtrooper has obviously liked Fox for a while because one of the signs by the Random Bottomless Pit had a cartoon showing that Snowtrooper liked Fox in "Base 327: The New Guy".

In the episode Snowtrooper Loves Fox, Snowtrooper asks Fox to go on a date, and Fox reluctantly agrees.